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Debates & media appearances

18 December 2020
I went on Good Morning, Scotland to talk about King Carl Gustaf’s comments on Sweden’s handling of the pandemic. The segment starts about 15 minutes into this clip. It is available for 27 days).

16 and 17 December 2020
I joined Times Radio to provide the latest updates on the pandemic in Sweden and the situation in the country’s ICUs.

10 December 2020
I was on Newsday, the BBC World Service show, talking about the latest situation in Sweden with regards to the pandemic.

8 December 2020
Ending my stint as producer of the weekly show “Europapodden” at Sweden’s public service broadcaster, Sveriges Radio. Here’s my final programme, about how vaccines are injecting hope into the EU.

30 September 2020
I joined host Natasha Kirtchuk on i24News to give the latest update on the Covid-19 epidemic in Sweden.

25 September 2020
I appeared on ABC Radio Melbourne, with host Rafael Epstein, talking about Sweden’s approach to the Covid-19 pandemic and the latest measures taken to curb the infection rate.

19 September 2020
I was on Penny Smith’s breakfast show on talkRadio, discussing Sweden’s no-lockdown approach to the pandemic.

5 September and 17 September 2020
I was on the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland show, giving the latest update on Sweden’s Covid-19 strategy.

5 September 2020
I was on BBC Radio 4, talking about Sweden’s response to Covid-19.

1 September 2020
Stepping in to produce the weekly show “Europapodden” at Sweden’s public service broadcaster, Sveriges Radio as of today. Here’s the first programme.

22 August 2020
I was on Mike Parry’s show on talkRadio talking about Covid-19 in Sweden.

10 June 2020
I was on the Iain Dale show on LBC commenting on Sweden closing the Olof Palme murder inquiry after 34 years.

4 June 2020
I appeared on the Julia Hartley-Brewer show on talkRadio, discussing reports of Sweden’s alleged “u-turn” regarding its strategy to combat Covid-19.

27 May 2020
I discussed Sweden’s coronavirus strategy on the 2200 Flash show on i24News.

23 May 2020
I appeared on the Saturday edition of the Good Morning Scotland programme on BBC Radio Scotland, talking about Sweden’s coronavirus strategy.

6 May 2020
I was interviewed by Vox for the Today, Explained podcast. The episode is called “Why Sweden Stayed Open”. You can listen here.

8 April 2020
I was on Newstalk ZB’s Early Edition with Kate Hawkesby: “Sweden debates herd immunity approach to coronavirus”

3 April 2020
I was interviewed on the Spiked podcast episode “Can the EU survive coronavirus?”

2 April 2020
My Foreign Policy dispatch about Sweden’s strategy to contain Covid-19 is included in this roundup about how different countries are trying to “flatten the curve”.

1 April 2020
I was on the Newstalk ZB show Heather Du Plessis-Allan Drive discussing “What Sweden is doing differently about Covid-19”

19 August 2019
My Variety article about A$AP Rocky was cited in the Washington Examiner.

4 October 2018
Debate at Bajit and Forum/Debatt, Kulturhuset 
Food and Politics

1 October 2018
I was on France24, discussing the rape verdict against the Frenchman at the centre of the Nobel scandal.

25 September 2018
The Globalist, Monocle
An interview with me about the diplomatic row between Beijing and Stockholm.

25 September 2018
I was on Radio France Internationale, discussing the Swedish election and the parliament’s no-confidence vote against the prime minister.

10 September 2018
I discussed the outcome of the Swedish election on BBC Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland.

16 August 2018
I discussed the arson attacks in western Sweden on BBC Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland.

16 May 2018
Forum/Debatt, Kulturhuset
Samtal: Ett modernt Islam i ett modernt Sverige

4 May 2018
I was on i24 News, discussing the Swedish Academy scandal and the postponement of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature.

I talked about the same topic on Radio FM4, Österreichischer Rundfunk – the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation.

3 May 2018
Det politiska spelet
I was a guest on the weekly Swedish Radio politics podcast, talking about my new radio show, Ordvalet.

28 April 2018
My new Swedish Radio show, Ordvalet, premieres today. It’s a 10-part series, with each episode focusing on a word or concept that features in the political debate and campaigns in the run-up to the Swedish general election in September. The first episode is about  “fake news”.

12 April 2018
Debate at Bajit
Who needs safe spaces?

21 March 2018
I moderated a panel discussion with the authors of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls.

26 December 2017
Det politiska spelet
I was a guest on this weekly Swedish Radio politics podcast.

15 December 2017
Spiked podcast
On anti-Semitism in Sweden.

18 November 2017
Forum/Debatt, Kulturhuset
Battle of Ideas Stockholm.
Fake news and rigged elections: moral panic or a threat to democracy?
In the wake of Weinstein: #metoo, calling out and sexual harassment. (Listen here.)

7 November 2017
Forum/Debatt, Kulturhuset
Lugna gator? Om våld och trygghet i utsatta förorter

29 October 2017
Battle of Ideas, Barbican Centre
Macron’s France: ‘En Marche!’ to business as usual?

18 June – 2 August 2017
I’ll be based in Paris as the stand-in Southern Europe correspondent for Sweden’s national radio during the summer, covering mainly France but also Spain, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Follow my work via the Swedish Radio website.

18 May 2017
Debate at Bajit
Boycotts and freedom of speech

20 April 2017
Debate at Bajit
Cosmopolitanism vs. nationalism

15 April 2017
Spiked podcast
The attack on Stockholm

5 April 2017
Forum/Debatt, Kulturhuset
Hur lyckas vi med integrationen?

3 March 2017
Friday News Roundup, 1A, NPR
Sweden is so worried about Russia, it has brought back military conscription.
(Starts at 30 mins.)

2 March 2017
Outside Source, BBC
Conscription has re-emerged in Sweden.
(Starts at 35 mins.)

1 March 2017
Forum/Debatt, Kulturhuset
Varför hatar alla liberaler varandra? Och håller Alliansen på att spricka?

19 November 2016
Forum/Debatt, Kulturhuset
Battle of Ideas Stockholm.
After Brexit: Is Europe Over?
Free Speech and Identity Politics: Who Gets a Say and When?

26 October 2016
Forum/Debatt, Kulturhuset
Omställningen – vad gör vi när Sverige förvandlas?

29 January 2016
Outside Source, BBC
Violent attacks and riots at asylum homes in Sweden.

14 November 2015
Forum/Debatt, Kulturhuset
Battle of Ideas Stockholm.
Migrants and Refugees: Who is Deserving and Who Should Decide?

17 October 2015
Battle of Ideas, Barbican Centre
Time to Tame Advertising?
Birth of a Nation: More Than Racism on Film?

8 October 2015
Kultura Liberalna, Warsaw
Populists and Technocrats: The Future of European Politics?

9 September 2015
Forum/Debatt, Kulturhuset
Triggervarningar & trygga rum.

7 May 2015
Forum/Debatt, Kulturhuset
Antisemitismen då och nu.

20 April 2015
Forum/Debatt, Kulturhuset

5 November 2014
Forum/Debatt, Kulturhuset
Battle of Ideas Stockholm.
The New Politics of Identity and Nationalism.
(Watch the TV broadcast of the debate here.)

18-19 October 2014
Battle of Ideas, Barbican Centre
In-conversation: Israel. With Brendan O’Neill and Karl Sharro.
(Watch it here.)
Do Films Warp Minds?
Shopping and Fretting: The Ethics of Buying the Right Thing

12 November 2013
The Edelstam Foundation
In-conversation with Paul Rusesabagina at Färgfabriken.

20 October 2013
Battle of Ideas, Barbican Centre
What is the Secret of Scandinavian Success?

21 September 2013
Sportshour, BBC
On Spurs’ fans right to call themselves Yid Army.

19 December 2012
Deutsche Welle 
Interview about gender-neutrality in Sweden.

28 November 2012
Torehammar & Epstein, Sveriges Radio
Om de starka reaktionerna från omvärlden inför genusneutrala svenska leksakskataloger.

26 November 2012
The World, NPR
Is Sweden’s gender neutrality going too far?

21 November 2012
Torehammar & Epstein, Sveriges Radio
Om Sverigebilden och kampanjen mot Chris Browns konsert i Stockholm.

21 October 2012
Battle of Ideas, Barbican Centre
Taming Tabloid Tittle Tattle

26 August 2012
Limmud in the Woods
Talk on “Occupation Tourism”.

27 May 2012
Geek Girl Meetup
Chaired talks on “Beautiful Data” at Tekniska Museet.

25 April 2012
Q with Jian Ghomeshi, CBC Radio
Does English need a gender-neutral pronoun?

17 November 2011
NY Salon
Talk: Occupy Wall Street – two months on.

25 January 2011
Act Global talks with the Royal Commonwealth Society.
What if…there were no borders?

22 December 2010
Studio Ett, Sveriges Radio
Prata om det: om gränsen för sexuellt våld.

31 October 2010
Battle of Ideas, Royal College of Art
Trafficking: New Slave Trade of Moral Panic?
From Banning Burqas to B&B Bigots: Can Europe Tolerate Religious Tolerance?

1-2 November 2008
Battle of Ideas, Royal College of Art
Candid Camera
Immigration: The More the Scarier?

27 October 2007
Battle of Ideas, Royal College of Art
Change the World – Make a Documentary?
Film Stars: From Icons to Role Models

29 October 2006
Battle of Ideas, Royal College of Art
Can Films Change the World?

30 October 2005
Battle of Ideas, Royal College of Art
The Holocaust: The Last Moral Absolute?

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