Radio Sweden: Concern about higher insurance rates after car arsons

Sveriges Radio, Ekot: Oro för dyrare försäkringar efter bilbränderna

After the car fires in western Sweden and elsewhere in the country this week, some motorists are concerned that car insurance rates might shoot up.

Hasan Tümtürk’s vehicle was damaged when six cars were torched at a parking lot in the Stockholm suburb of Skärholmen in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

“I was asleep when my wife started shouting, telling me to wake up and look out the window. There was a fire outside. My kids were scared,” Tümtürk tells Radio Sweden.

What Tümtürk is most worried about now, he says, is that car insurance rates will go up. That is what happened a few years ago, when there were car arson attacks in Skärholmen.

However, an insurance specialist tells Radio Sweden that rate changes depend on several different factors.