The JC: Sweden Shoah project wins major grant

Two young Swedes who tour schools telling their grandparents’ stories of surviving the Holocaust have been awarded 300,000 krona (£24,500) to expand their activities.

The pair are founders of the Stockholm-based non-profit group, Zikaron (meaning “memory” in Hebrew), whose grandmothers survived Auschwitz.

“We have a great responsibility to take over from the survivors who are no longer with us or who are too old to tour schools and tell their own stories,” said Zikaron co-founder Nadine Gerson, 27. “My grandmother is still alive and she’s so proud,” she added.

Ms Gerson said her colleague, Adina Krantz, 28, has already lectured in several schools. “Sometimes tough discussions come up during the Q&As,” said Ms Gerson. “There are also questions about why genocides still happen and sometimes Israel comes up, too. She’s had comments like, ‘If the Holocaust was so terrible, then why are you doing the same thing to the Palestinians?'”

The £24.5k grant will allow Zikaron to recruit more descendants of survivors. It was awarded by a foundation set up by Micael Bindefeld, an event organiser who supports Shoah commemoration projects.